Organic seamoss gel, strawberry
Organic seamoss gel, strawberry

Organic seamoss gel, strawberry

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What’s So Good About It?

You may know that the body needs about 102 vitamins and minerals for optimum functionality. sea moss has 92 of the required 102 minerals. That’s amazing!

Not only is sea moss rich in vitamins and minerals but it is also a great source for energy.

Health Benefits

Supporting weight loss is another benefit of adding sea moss into your daily routine. Sea moss is rich in fiber which helps with staying full and not overeating. That is why it is recommended to add sea moss into your morning coffee or tea. Sea moss also contains a compound called fucoxanthin that breaks down and metabolizes fat. Although sea moss helps support weight loss, it does not make you lose weight. You should still eat healthy and exercise while taking sea moss.

Thyroid support is one of the most common benefits of sea moss. Sea moss, like most seafoods and sea vegetables, is rich in iodine. This is ideal for thyroid support because our body uses iodine to make thyroid hormones, which then helps grow and repair the damaged cells in the thyroid gland. Another benefit of iodine is a healthy metabolism.

Immunity boost comes with taking sea moss daily. There is potassium chloride in sea moss that assists in reducing the body's inflammation. Because of its positive impact on the immune system sea moss helps lower a person's risks of infection.

Blood pressure benefits also come with consuming sea moss daily. Irish sea moss is known to be the best plant based source of omega 3 fatty acids along with seaweed. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for a healthy heart and lowering high blood pressure. Sea moss also is said to help a diabetics body respond to insulin more effectively, which in return controls and sometimes prevents the blood sugar spikes or crashes they experience.

Fertility is probably the most common benefit that sea moss is used for. In the Caribbean islands sea moss is known as a “magic sex potion”. It is explained that algae is great for fertility. Sea moss is consumed by many people as an additional source to increase fertility. It is a natural form of energy and sexual enhancer. Sea moss is said to increase testosterone and sperm counts in men. Local men in the Caribbean use sea moss as an aphrodisiac before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Some other benefits that people experience from sea moss are clearer skin and healthier hair. The sulfur content that is in sea moss causes it to act as an antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial that balances the skin microbiome. Using sea moss as a skin mask will also act as a skin tightening agent. The vitamin E in sea moss helps with hair growth. Vitamin E is an agent that targets oxidative stress, this is the main cause of hair loss for many people.